Amydst a Global Pandemic

Our community, state, nation, and world are currently in unprecedented territory when it comes to dealing with something a serious as COVID-19 in today's modern society. My high school, along with many others, is shut down, my brother and friends are home from college, my parents are working at home, and many businesses are being forced to shut down. Although the effect that it is having on me is serious, as I am quarantined in my home with four family members the second semester of my senior year, I am working on having perspective. Many people who struggle to make ends meet rely on school lunch/breakfast programs to feed their children twice a day. With schools shut down, they have been stripped of this opportunity in trying economic times. Fortunately, my school district acted quickly opening a grab-and-go meal center for families of this nature. However, other districts may not have been so quick to act and many people who already struggle financially are in more difficult positions than they were before. I am looking forward to volunteer next week at my mobile Foodshare truck, as I am in a low-risk category for the virus. I encourage others that are healthy to find out what they can do to help their community while staying safe and to buy items respectfully, remembering that there are those less fortunate that could need the food more. Stay safe!