Service Trip 2019

Reflecting on my August, I shine a light on the fact that I was able to go on a fourth service trip with my youth group. This year we made the journey to the Applechain Folklife Center in Pipestem, West Virginia to serve members of the community there. We were able to help a woman with rheumatoid arthritis by building a ramp for her to get into her house. The ramp that she had in the beginning was falling apart and unsafe for her to walk on. In addition we fixed a leak in her roof and repaired a walkway to her house.One of the most moving parts of the trip was when she came outside to see her finished ramp. She began to cry saying how happy she was that people she did not even know would take time to come and help her so that she could have access to her house. In addition, we helped her brother, who has Parkinson's because the ramp that he had at his house was too steep for him to get down. We built a brand new ramp and deck for him to use as well. After working at both of these houses we moved on to a third worksite in which demolition of a ruined house was being done as well as renovation in the new house. Part of this renovation included digging a 100 foot long, 20 inch deep, and five inch wide trench so that the owner of the house would be able to have water. This project concluded with laying the water pipes and filling the trench back in as well as the house having an improved interior. Lastly, we helped add ceiling to the basement of a church so that the church would be up to fire code and could be used again. Overall the week was physically demanding but spiritually rewarding. Not many experiences can compare to giving your own physical labor for the bettering of other people. Concluding the week by sleeping under the stars and seeing two shooting stars is perhaps a sign that trips like this are the experience of a life time.