Rise Against Hunger

Big news! We are switching organizations! I loved Feeding Children Everywhere and everything that they stood for. I was extremely happy with the results of all of our events and the ease that allowed it to happen like it did. Feeding Children Everywhere is now not located in Connecticut as we are anymore. The only way that we would be able to have an event with them would be if we flew the food to Connecticut along with leaders and it would just end up costing too much. I decided that if we were going to continue with these events, we would need to switch organizations so that the amount of money that is actually going to food would be maximized. This brings me to Rise Against Hunger (previously Stop Hunger Now)! After looking for a while for another organization that I thought would be beneficial to Sarah Stops Hunger and our mission, I came upon Rise Against Hunger. I liked their ideologies and their meal, which is rice, soy protein, dried vegetables, and vitamains. Our favorite part about their meal is that it is bland. This sounds odd, but it makes it so that when it is sent out around the world, local people can add their own flavor. This makes the meal taste like home to them so they will want to eat it and it keeps local farmers employed. That is the other big change that comes with taking on a new organization. We are now going global! We still recognize that there is a local need but wanted to embrace the goals of Rise Against Hunger. I am very excited to work with them and can't wait to take on the new challenges that come with it!

~be the change