I am so excited to announce that I had an amazing RED day with Keller Williams. In four shifts we packaged over 12,900 meals. Keller Williams is an amazing business that takes a day off from work every year to help their community. They say "Give where you live" and RED actually stands for Renew Energize Donate which I think is so cool. It is awesome that they care about the community that they live in and take time off their busy schedules to help people. There were so many cool things about the event there that made the day truly special. People from Keller Williams worked really hard to make this event happen. There were lots of obstacles that had to be dodged but it is so amazing that it was able to go on. Another really cool thing about this event is that all of the KW people have so much enthusiasm that it made the event have a really good vibe. The last thing that I want to mention about this event that made it special is that the organization that was recieving the meals actually came and picked them up. This made it really cool because all the Keller Williams participants passed the boxes down a line into the car which really showed that they were making a difference. Go check out all of the pictures that we took on the pictures page!

~be the change