We Day and Right on, Girls

On April 28th, my family and I attended We Day Chicago. I got the tickets through my procactive actions and doing local and glocal service. I recieved the honoured guest status through my winning of the Bright Future Award. It was an amazing experience. We Day is kind-of a difficult event to describe. Free The Children describes it as, "a full-day arena-sized event designed to shift youth perceptions and celebrate the power of young people to make a positive difference in the world" This is a very sophisticated description but I think that they are pretty much saying that they are educating kids and changing kids mindset to make a difference in our world in the form of celebration. There were so many inspiring speakers there that made the day truly special. My favorite quote from the day was that "you either define your fate or you are defined by it." I like this quote because it shows that you can make a difference if you try to.

The other thing that I wanted to mention in this post was that I went to my local ShopRite for a celebration of me winning of the Right On Girls award. This was very touching that they thought to recognize me and the ceremony was very well done. I would especially like to thank ShopRite, Dove, and Unliever for making this happen.

~be the change