We had a hugely succesful event making about 27,800 meals. We made about 175 volenteers come over the course of two shifts. I would like to especially thank everyone who donated, came, or supported me in any other way over time. You have truly made a difference in MANY peoples lives. Feeding Children Everywhere gave us bags of meals to cook for people to try during the event. There was ALOT extra so we brought a bunch of lentil casserole, about 50 cookies,and a few cases of water to South Park Inn afterwards. There is some other people that I would like to thank. First of all, my brother. My brother Paul has been there for me throughout this whole journey and had created the website that you are looking at now. Way to go Paul! Next, I'd like to thank my sister. She is the media manager who manages the instagram, snapchat, and creates all the cool pictures you see online. Next I would like to thank my mom. My constant supporter and drive that keeps me going, my mom is always there for me. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be where I am today. Lastly, I would like to thank my dad. My dad always gives me a real life perspective, and keeps me in check. Like he always says, "someone has to yell at her!" My dad has the most amazing ideas, and pushes me to be better. Thank you. Thank you all so much.

~be the change