Christmas has always been a time for families to gather, and celebrate the life of their Christ, in the christian religion. Chanukah is also a time to celebrate with family, this time because of the light that burned for 8 days. Both holidays involve gifts, families, and food. All things are three things involve great wealth, and many people don't take the time to appreciate what they have. Some people this holiday season have virtually nothing compared to a lot of us. Maybe, you don't have the biggest house on your street, maybe your clothing isn't the highest end, and maybe you're tight on money for food. This holiday season I would like everyone to help out in some way. Whether it is donating time or money, or even just smiling at someone on the street, who people ignore, try and make a difference. Tying this back to food, people were hungry on Christmas and Chanukah while we were stuffing ourselves with feasts, and cookies 'till we get sick. So remember that feeling in your stomach when you miss a meal, or your mood when you're hungry, take that, and do something good, help the hungry, smile at the poor.

~be the change