• Sarah Stops Hunger

30 Hour Fast

This weekend with the First Church of Christ in Simsbury I participated in a 30 hour fast. Along with over 30 other peers, I ate breakfast before 7 AM on Friday and did not eat again until 1 PM on Saturday. This enlightening experience gave me insight into the difficulty of being hungry and allowed me to recognize my privilege of not needing to worry about food insecurity. Although the hunger pains we experienced were real, we looked forward to a celebration feast at the end of our fast, something that those experiencing real hunger would not get. In addition, we raised over $6,000 for Action Against Hunger, an organization that ”takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger” according to their website. We also stood outside of local grocery stores to raise awareness for hunger, as it is often a forgotten about cause, and collect monetary and food donations for our local food bank. I am so happy to have participated in this fast to have a first hand glimpse as to what hunger actually feels like.


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