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Tour of Foodshare

I was honored to be welcomed by Foodshare today for a tour of their facilities in Bloomfield and for a meeting with their Corporate and Community Giving Manager and their Communications Coordinator. Not only did they inform about what sort of work Foodshare does in my community, but they invited me to use my platform to help support some of their fundraisers and causes. I have volunteered at my local Foodshare mobile distribution site and seen the first-hand impact hunger has in my community but had no idea that they distributed over 11 million meals in 2018. I am proud to be part of such an outstanding positive impact that helps people in my own community. I am also now aware that Foodshare has an extensive student hunger program that helps college students in the Greater Hartford Area as well as a fundraising Walk Against Hunger in the spring. Thank you for the opportunity to visit Foodshare and I look forward to getting more involved with your organization.


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